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“ABLE’s unique sensory strategies help me help my child.”



"Before I signed up for the ABLE Innovations program, I could not take my child anywhere without him having a major meltdown.  Paul went to the store with me and my child.  He taught me strategies to use to make these outings successful.  Today we are free to go shopping or to a restaurant without problems."

~ BP

"My 5 year old was out of control.  He would have tantrums that would last for 45 minutes.  He also would become aggressive towards me and his siblings.  I didn't know what to do.  The ABLE Innovations Program gave me strategies to address his behavior that have helped tremendously.  The program also provided a new sensory chair.  I have used this chair for 14 weeks and the difference in my child's behavior is amazing! I have my son back."



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"We’ve been working with Paul from ABLE for 6 months and the change in our family life has been amazing! Our 6 year old was diagnosed with ADHD and was having very disruptive behaviors at home and at school. Paul taught us very innovative techniques to handle them and our home has become the most peaceful that it has been for quite a while.  He’s suggested so many tools and tricks to help her manage anger and outbursts with others. He has even helped with problems with our 2 year old daughter. We are so glad we have the opportunity to work with him, he has helped us gain a better understanding of how our children process what is going on around them, as well as how we can intervene in a productive way. Parenting a child with high needs is stressful on a marriage, and Paul picked up on some of that, and in a very noninvasive way suggested we work on our relationship to help reduce tension in our home. Our children look forward to our visits with Paul, and we know he’ll always have a creative solution to any problems we may be having."  

~ TS


“My child is a very picky eater. ABLE gave me the tools to help my child try new foods.”

~ CL

“This is an amazing collaboration between parents and professionals that are focused on creating better afters for families.”

~ KD 

"My 3 year old child has Down Syndrome and only had 15 words in his vocabulary before working with ABLE Innovations.  In 6 weeks, using ABLE Innovations strategies he increased his vocabulary to 37 words and 1 phrase."


"I was worried about my 3 year old son's speech. He was unusually quiet and only had what sounded like 3 words.  I taught him some signs to aid him in communicating his wants and needs. By the second visit, my son added 5 clear words.  The ABLE strategies encouraged my son by making communication fun.  It is exciting to hear my son's voice."


~ RM  

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