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Case Studies

Soundbrenner Pulse

We began using Soundbrenner Pulse in May of 2019 with a 3 year old child with Down Syndrome.  This child had Prior to the testing of the Pulse, the child had experienced a significant gain in vocabulary.  This gain appears to have been achieved via a combination of SLP strategies within the school and ABLE strategies which included the use of the Pulse.  While wearing the pulse, the child was able to focus on the communication lesson plan.  This focus resulted on the child learning phrases.  In the attached video you will see the father working on "I want" statements to acquire a toy.  This child would only scream at his father prior to using the Pulse.  This child no longer uses the Pulse to help him focus on communication.  He is now communicating with his parents using functional language.  For more information on the Soundbrenner Pulse, please visit . 


If you would like to know more about current testing with the Pulse, reach out to us using the form on the contact page.

Child is wearing the Soundbrenner Pulse on his right forearm.  The vibrating face of the Pulse is facing the child's torso.  The BPM is set at 130 bpm.

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